$735! The EZ Wider is a first choice for the water enthusiast who is budget minded and wishes to ride the waves and/or flat water tour/paddle. Skill level: Novice to Intermediate

 width=9’4″ x 32.5 x 4.25″. 27 lbs. EZ Widers are full epoxy boards made from eps epoxy foam. They are full featured and come standard with: an 8″ center fin and 2-side fins for better control and tracking, a automatic gortex air vent , 4 deck tie down plugs for gear or PFDs, a front camera mount plug for selfies, a leash plug, and a full length 3-color traction pad for better workout and recreation options. Our width and engineered concave deck make this SUP more stable than competitor SUPs that are the same length. Many color options. Add an adjustable paddle for $35. Also Available in: 10×33″ ($760), 10′-8″x 33″ ($785), & 11′-4″ x 34″ ($810).


Interested in taking a Demo on this versatile SUP or would like to place a custom order? Call 772-631-7106 or email us to discuss the various model, payment and shipping options.