$1500 Very rare/unique Dextra with one of a kind removable fin system. .

Made in the U.S.A.9′-11″- 23″ I’ve never seen another Dextra that had a removable fin system. I found this board 20 years ago and have been waiting to find the original fin and bolt to purchase. To no avail, I finally had to create (through 3D printing) an adapter as seen in the last photos. Also this board appears to be a hand shaped board unlike all the other dextras of the 1960’s that were popouts. Excellent condition. Looks like a very good rider for its day. 0 sun tan, Crisp, clear and vibrant Logos. The top of this board is an 9.5 and the bottom is an 9.5. Overall Condition: 1-10: 9.5 taking off .5 for a few scratches and the lack of original fin.

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